Close-up, micromagic, table magic

A show of close-up or micromagic is discreet, classy, fun and emotional, quick and very practical as it does not require cumbersome equipment and is designed to entertain guests sitting at a table or standing in small groups scattered around the room.

During an aperitif, lunch or dinner, while waiting for their courses to arrive, the guests will be enjoying the illusions right under their noses. Objects such as cards, coins, rings or foulard will disappear, appear or transform themselves, leaving your guests thunderstruck, amazed and incredulous as they will not be able to tell how it had happened.

This kind of show is suited for:

companies, restaurants, weddings, aperitifs, dinners


If possible by means of space and visibility, the stage performance is the most advisable to fascinate and astonish your guests.

The show is filled with comical, brilliant and poetic nuances and offers large and highly visual magical effects.

The artist will stage an act in front of the audience that can vary from verbal to non-verbal and can possibly be accompanied by music. Here, the audience can take part actively or remain mere spectators.

This type of performance does not offer any space for improvisation and requires a professional artist who, thanks to all the drama, music and theatre techniques is able to entertain and affect the audience.

The duration of the show ranges from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the customer's needs and is especially suited for:

theatres, street festivals, holiday resorts, clubs, hotels, meetings or corporate conventions, birthdays, ceremonies or parties, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, theme parties

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