Private parties

Do you need to organize a birthday or an anniversary? Is there an inauguration you need to promote? Do not risk that your guests will get bored!

magicSamuel is the solution for you. The audience will be taken care of thanks to his entertainment and by acting with finesse, class and elegance, he will render the atmosphere more sparkling and cheerful.

Imagine the following scene:

close-up: magicSamuel will walk round the guests as if he were a guest himself, captivating them with special effects using the likes of cards, coins, books or spoons.

Parlor: The location should be as much as possible similar to a stage, where the show will take place. The audience, comfortably sitting in their chairs, will be fascinated by the illusions while playing an active role in them.

With magicSamuel everything will go smoothly and your guests will keep the evening in good memory.

Hotels, restaurants and clubs

Hotels, restaurants or clubs are among the different locations where magicSamuel can perform.

Do not miss this opportunity to make the stay of your guests or customers unforgettable by offering them a close-up show or a stage performance.

Why choose a professional magical entertainer?

magicSamuel is popular among children as well as adults. With his show he will be able to involve everyone in a discrete and classy way, also the foreign guests, because the art of illusion expresses itself through a universal language which everybody is able to understand.

Let's go into detail:

Benefits for a hotel:

The show will give the hotelier the opportunity to serve more drinks at the hotel bar, as the guests will be motivated to stay a bit longer. “Pampered” and entertained customers are going to speak for a long time about your facility, even after their holiday is over.

Benefits for a restaurant or club:

By offering your customers the possibility to attend a personalized magic show from close by, you will not only make them happy but also willing to extend their stay at your premise and encourage them to consume more. The waiting time for the dishes will be less stressful and it could compensate for any possible problems in the kitchen. Happy customers will probably be glad to come back to visit your place, bringing maybe also their friends or family along.

Do not forget and underestimate that...

Satisfied customers will kick off publicity by passing the word, the new advertising trend, linked to the exponential growth of social networks and forums. Thanks to comments and photos taken on the magical evening, you will reach even more visibility.

Stand out from your competition by offering a different service.

We do not perform the miracles, we learn to see them.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It brings together family, relatives and friends to share with them the love that has brought the two of you together.

Would you like it to be even more fun, more beautiful and unforgettable? Do you want to entertain your guests and let them return home amazed and incredulous? magicSamuel offers you an exciting and unique show.

During the banquet Samuel will stroll through the tables and fascinate the guests with his magical effects. All of this will happen at appropriate moments and never while the guests are enjoying their meals or when the attention is on the spouses.

The applause and laughter which will emerge from every single table, will confirm your choice in relying on magicSamuel for making your party even more MAGICAL.

Would you like to go over the top? If the spouses want to, you can offer your guests a small stage performance that will involve the entire audience.

For weddings, magicSamuel promises to leave all of your guests speechless, giving moments of amazement, fun and lots of magic like close-up shows or stage performances.

Further proposal:

A magic show for children to allow the parents to relax and enjoy themselves for about 40 minutes.

This can be integrated within the before mentioned shows or also at different times.

Shows for companies

Nowadays more and more companies decide to hire an artist to entertain and enliven their meetings, conventions, parties or company dinners. Doing so, they make sure to celebrate the achievement of a goal or the launch of a new product in a proper way.

A classy illusionist show or an original close-up performance can be the ideal choice to amaze, engage and entertain clients, employees, suppliers or business partners.

During the show there will be the opportunity to advertise the company's brand and any products offered by it. All of this with charm and finesse.

Thanks to his entertainment, magicSamuel will create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere that will wipe out all emotional and professional distance, thus favoring interpersonal communication and the creation and development of strong bonds.

To meet every taste or need, magicSamuel has different shows to offer:

Close-up magic, micromagic, table magic

Stage magic

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